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Hospitaallaan 16 · 9341AH Veenhuizen, Drenthe

Welcome to our restaurant

We work with fresh, mostly organic products,
 preferably from our own garden or the Noorderland region.

our food

Our goal is to let you enjoy honest food and drinks. We try to prepare beautiful dishes for you taking into account your company, time or special wishes. Our chef guarantees excellent food, prepared with sustainable, regional, seasonal and most organic ingredients. 

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Cooking is a passion, an art, but above all a craft that is performed with care, attention and pleasure.


The Colony of Veenhuizen used to be highly self-sufficient. Each home had its own vegetable garden, where the nurses grew their own supplies. The physician-director had a herb garden with all kinds of medicinal plants, opposite the house "Toewijding", where our parking lot is now located.
Based on the idea of being self-sufficient and in line with our sustainable business operations, we have our own vegetable garden and orchard. There are 14 fruit trees in the orchard: old varieties of apples, pears, plums, quince, medlar and a walnut tree. The vegetable garden provides the kitchen with fresh vegetables and herbs and serves as a guide and inspiration for composing the menus. Chef Rik selects special varieties and grows the vegetables organically, without fertilizers and toxins. The garden is accessible to you as a guest. When Rik is working in the garden, he likes to explain everything that grows and blooms!

sfeerbeeld van de moestuin met op de voorgrond een boom uit de boomgaard en linksonder een kruiwagen

een close up foto van één van de wolvarkens

Bees and pigs

To pollinate the fruit trees and other crops, there are three hives in the garden, with a total of about 150,000 bees. The workers work around the clock and have already produced their first honey. Beekeeper Sjoerd Bonnema from Fochteloo takes care of the hives and centrifuges the honey. We love to watch him work professionally with the bees. It is particularly interesting and calming to observe bees at an appropriate distance. So feel free to do so!

The bees have recently been joined by two Mangalica pigs. The Mangalica pig is a special animal, it has a red coat, is affectionate and easy to tame. A true outdoorsy animal that can be outside year round and loves to dig. They eat old bread, vegetable waste from the kitchen and the whey of our cheeses, which completes the circle!